Vanessa Hernandez is an artist and designer born, raised, and based in Los Angeles, California and that’s the last time I’m going to speak in the third person. 

As a designer, my job is to help people communicate visually, effectively, and beautifully. I do so with a wide arsenal of skills applied to traditional design practices. This is also where the nickname ‘Vaguely’ came in – not wanting to be too allegiant to one specific discipline of design, I love exploring a wide range of mediums and practical applications. 

I feel everything in a big way and I thrive when I get to use that to find different ways of approaching design. I partner with people and businesses looking to not only reach others, but romance them with visual representation of their products and ideas, as well as those looking to find solutions that best represent them in the immediate as well as in the long run. Design is here to stay, and it’s lived in my soul for as long as I can remember (which is as far back as insisting on designing my 6th grade yearbook layout by hand.)

If you'd like to work together, want to invite me to fun things, or know anything about reducing reflections when you wear your glasses in photos, send me an email.



Art Direction
Graphic Design
Design + Art Instruction
Creative Strategy
Content Creation
User Interface Design
Visual Identity
Branding Systems
Print Design
Analog + Digital Illustration
Textile Design
Paper + Fiber Craft
Packaging Design
Concept Design
Experiential Design


Quincy Jones Productions
Hammer Museum
TOMS Shoes
WWD Magic
Surfrider Foundation